What makes our props better?

Our signs are the best size in the market at 5mm. That means harder to break. Easier to hold.  Not too thin, not to thick

Our signs are more vibrant in colors then most those on the market

We only deal with quality so using a very durable hard plastic is the way to go… Not foam core or the hollow plastics with vinyl

No stickers, we only do professional UV printing and cutting

No sharp edges, (don’t get your eyes poked out)

We pack ours with care and confidence that they will get to you without any damages

VERY QUICK shipping/packing time frames

Our breakage guarantee

While our props are very durable and strong, we have decided to lower the pricing of the props instead of offering the 6 month replacement program. It seems that lower prices wins between the two options! Thank you for your support!

However, if your item comes broken in shipping (unless noted otherwise), we will however still cover that up to 2 days after deliver. This does not apply to freebies


We do not offer returns. We do offer exchanges for damaged on arrival products within 2 days of delivery if there are any types of production errors.

It’s as durable as about 5 credit cards. Hard plastic that’s very durable. You can step on it or even drop it. It will definitely have a lot of use. The color will not fade or wash off. It’s professionally printed on. 

Our your products patented?

Yes! They are! We have two patents for our two best sellers.

Patent: 744035
Patent: 744034