What makes our props better?

Our signs are the best size in the market at 5mm. That means harder to break. Easier to hold.  Not too thick, not too thin.

Our signs are more vibrant in colors then most of the others on the market

We only deal with quality so using a very durable hard plastic is the way to go… Not foam core or the hollow plastics with vinyl

No stickers, we use only professional UV printing and cutting

No sharp edges, (don’t get your eyes poked out)

We pack ours with care and confidence that they will get to you without any damages

VERY QUICK shipping/packing time frame

What are your props made of?

Our props are printed on 3mm and 5mm pvc boards, and 3mm abs.  They are very durable and will last you a long time, even with the most rough clients and guests.  They are as durable as about 5 credit cards. You can step on it or even drop it. It will definitely have a lot of use. The color will not fade or wash off. Our signs are professionally printed using a UV print method. 

Where are you located?

We are in Los Angeles, California.  If you are local to us, you are welcome to pick up your order to save on shipping and to come say hi!

If I put in an order today, when will it ship out?

If your order is placed before 12pm PST, it will more than likely be packaged and shipped the same day.  If it is after 12pm PST, then it will be packaged and shipped out the next business day.  If it is during the weekend/holiday, expect the product to be sent out the next business day, so expect delays.  

For most items, we ship USPS Priority which is 1-3 days shipping.  When you get to checkout and enter your address, the shipping options will tell you how many days it will take to get to you. We can expedite your order if needed as well.

If there is a massive sale (Ex: photo booth expo/Black Friday), the orders will be processed and shipped in the order that it was received, so expect delays.  If you need them earlier, make the order and contact us directly through email at info@yoprops.com and we will try to accommodate these requests.

If I need to get an order overnighted, should I wait for your reply to my email??

If you're looking to do an OVERNIGHT package or just need it as soon as possible, the best thing is to place the order, choose the fastest shipping of your choice and then email us.  We WILL refund any overages you pay on shipping.  If, for some odd reason, we can't get it to you in time, we will cancel and refund the order and let you know.  Don't waste time waiting for an email reply.

Our breakage guarantee

We offer a 6 month breakage replacement guarantee.  If your prop breaks within 6 months of purchasing it, we will replace it for you or offer you a similar item (if original prop is no longer available) for free.  You just pay shipping.

This does not apply to freebies. These items will be shipped out with the next order.

Props came with some small markings or white dust on them?

Our props are stacked 100 pieces high while in stock with over 200k items in inventory.  While we try and inspect every product that goes out, once its wrapped, packaged and in the box, we can't control the handling of the shipping.  If you have marks/imperfections smaller than 1", unfortunately you're ordering photo booth "props" guys... not glass crystals.   If it has dings and dents on it or it came broken, then we'll fix it.  If the imperfection is that obtrusive, then we will take it on a case by case basis.  

- If we do replace it for imperfections, we will send the replacement on the next order to save you shipping costs.  (most time the shipping costs more than the prop itself)

Why are my signs different colors? 

Sometimes our manufacturers cannot get PVC from their regular vendors and so board colors are not the same. While we try our best to make sure the boards all match the others in the bundle, this isn’t always possible. Whenever possible, we will make sure that all your signs in a bundle will match.

What is "B Stock"?  

These props may have visible imperfections, dings, dents, or scratches. They are sold for AT LEAST 50% off and will NOT replaced if unliked or damaged in shipping.  If one is damaged, we will refund or replace it on a future order. Just remind us.


We do not offer returns. We do offer exchanges for damaged on arrival products within 2 days of delivery, or if there are any types of production errors.  Items will be shipped out with the next order.

Our your products patented?

Yes! They are!

Yo Props Patent

We also have two patents for our two best sellers.

Patent: 744035
Patent: 744034

Do you do custom props?  

Yes we do.  Fill out the form provided at this link: https://yoprops.com/pages/custom-props providing as much detail as possible, and someone will get back to you between 24-48 hours with a quote and timeframe. If your custom request is urgent, please email us directly so we can get a quote back to you quickly.

Why was my order was canceled?

Either it was flagged for fraud or we had a previous PayPal escalation case.  Either case, we reserve the right to refuse service to any person/company.  Any disputes in an escalation case or chargeback without items returned, will be refused sales in future orders.